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Look Up

A subject very close to my heart. “It’s not very likely you’ll make world’s greatest dad If you can’t entertain a child without using an iPad” While I may not necessarily agree with everything he says in this video, the sentiment is clearly one shared by millions around the world. The video has been live […]

When your bros
become your bosses

Three mates, three kids.  We hang out. We talk footy. We talk kids. Then we start a business. All of a sudden we are three mates, three kids, one business. We hang out (and talk business), we go to the footy (and talk business), we have family gatherings (and talk business). While working with your […]

Murray Galbraith

Murray Galbraith

Creative Director + Entrepreneur

Serial entrepreneur and passionate digital innovator, Murray has designed and managed a diverse portfolio of business concepts.

After starting a clothing company at age 21, Murray has gone on to create a social network for the action sports community, design multi-award winning digital campaigns and even build an election app to whack politicians with a mallet.

Nick Butera

Nick Butera

Film-maker + community services professional

When not watching sport or politics, Nick has spent the last decade applying a human rights framework to empowering families. With a background in film and community development, Nick has worked with Aboriginal families in Alice Springs, Refugee families along the Thai-burma border and families affected by drug and alcohol issues.

After spending 5 years building community partnerships to support refugee families settling in Australia, Nick now manages the Resource and Training Team for the national body representing Aboriginal families.

His daughter Elena is 13 months old. She is easily the smartest and most beautiful little girl he has ever met.

Rhys Price-Robertson

Rhys Price-Robertson

Social researcher + PhD candidate

Rhys brings some academic rigour to the team. He has been conducting research on fatherhood, families and child protection for over five years, publishing in international journals, in government reports, and on popular websites, such as The Conversation and The Punch.

He has also worked as a nurse in the aged care and mental health sectors, and as an intern in the Ethics and Health Department of the World Health Organization in Geneva.

He is part-way through a PhD exploring the experiences of fathers with severe and persistent mental illness.